Manifesto Bicycles

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421 40th Street
Oakland, CA 94609
TEL: 510-595-1155


Monday 11-6
Tuesday 11-6
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 11-6
Friday 11-6
Weekends 11-6



Manifesto specializes in city bikes. We sell single-speed, fixed, internally geared and, yes-bikes with traditional derailleurs. We focus on steel frames because of their lean aesthetics and due to the riding conditions here in our fair city.


Manifesto repairs all types of bikes. We stock parts and components for your modern road bike, your 1960′s vintage 3-speed and your 1990′s mountain bike. We take pride in charging fairly for labor and we won’t try to upsell you parts that you don’t need.


Manifesto works with a powdercoater and can help you select the perfect new color from our RAL color charts. Our powdercoater picks up frames weekly and our fine mechanics are happy to take care of the dis-assembly and re-assembly of your custom whip.



  • mackay-gibbs

    MacKay Gibbs

    MacKay comes from a family of entrepreneurs and always wanted to own her own business. Her background in retail operations and passion for Oakland came together when Manifesto opened in 2008.

    MacKay likes early morning rides and old school dance parties. She lives in the historic San Antonio district with Sam, their 2 children and dog, Fazool.

  • sam-cunningham

    Sam Cunningham

    Sacto native and old school skateboarder, Sam only recently caught up with technology by getting his 1st smartphone and an Instagram account. Sam’s been working on bikes since getting his 1st FMF BMX bike at age 12.

    He enjoys restoring vintage rides and when not at Manifesto, you’re likely to find him at a local tattoo shop or enjoying the great outdoors with his family.

  • basie-allen

    Basie Allen

    Originally hailing from the Big Apple, most days you’ll now find Basie bathing in rose petals or taking long walks on the beach with a suitcase full of expensive red wine, dark chocolate and a miniature harp.


Manifesto: A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions. Derived from the Italian ‘manifestere’; Latin meaning ‘make public.’

Manifesto is located in the beautiful city of Oakland. Our shop promotes customization, recycling, and the spread of urban bike culture.

Manifesto likes art, music, and skateboarding. Manifesto likes DIY. Manifesto likes small business and local products. We sell new and rebuilt bikes, apparel, accessories, and other random cool stuff. We like bikes in general but choose to focus on single speed and fixed gear bikes because of their simplicity and ease of use in urban settings. We like affordable bikes because we want to provide access to as many people as possible.

Manifesto does not discriminate, alienate, or in any way judge any bicyclists. All riders, new & old, experienced & beginner, occasional & everyday, are welcome in our shop. We believe every person riding a bike creates more power for the movement overall.

Manifesto believes in bicycles. As an extension of the rider, bicycles are a form of self-expression. There is a simple joy that comes with riding a bike and experiencing a city at street level. We believe bicycles are more important than ever because they are practical, low-cost, and non-polluting. And that the camaraderie shared by groups of cyclists in cities can be a powerful force for change.

We believe in bicycles as examples of design, engineering, and efficiency. We believe in making good bicycles possible for everyone who wants one.

Join the movement. We are Manifesto.